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Kiryat Hamelacha, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bracha Guy // ברכה גיא

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Bracha Guy’s artworks straddle the line between what is seen and what materially exists. She operates inside the entangled territory between the enigmatic and the visible, darkness and light, living bodies and
faded memories. While Guy douses her works with icons of innocence, there is still a burning sensation of passion, nostalgia, and pain bubbling underneath the surface.
Bracha Guy’s oeuvre is filled with imagery relating to childhood and laced with woven flower and expired dolls. She charges her body of work with symbols of life and beauty while paying tribute to death and separation.

It is as if she attempts to point at our tendency of mourning the passage of time precisely through those objects we consider most “beautiful” and “sweet”.



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Shvil Hamifal 3, building 5